Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Rusty Rueff Books Read and "Best Ofs"

I am pleased to share my 2013 Books completed list.

I've also included what I felt were my "The Best Ofs" for the year.

Another year to also compare reading Statistics/Mediums:

21 Books read

66% read digitally (d) - that's up from 25% in 2012
4.6% were audio books (a)

48% were Fiction

(a) Rod: The Autobiography - Stewart     *most new surprising information about someone                 
(d) Telegraph Avenue -Chabon     *I love everything he writes - so he is in his own league                    
(d) Behind the Beautiful Forevers -Boo   *most non-fiction that read like fiction                       
(d) NW - Smith     *most hyped that didn't turn out to blow me away                                               
A Grace Revealed - Sittser                      
Circle Makers - Batterson                
Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey - Veach                       
(d) We Are All Completely Besides Ourselves - Fowler     *best twist                      
(d) The Lion in the Pit on a Snowy Day - Batterson                
(d) The Fault In Our Stars - Green                      
The Nature of the Future - Gorbis     *most thought-provoking                   
The Centrist Manifesto - Wheelan     *most made me take action and get involved                 
(d) The Sound of Things Falling - Vasquez     *best use of language                 
(d) The Silent Wife - Harrison     *best page turner - but not 2013's Gone Girl                 
(d)  Beautiful Ruins - Walter     *best read of the year. Beautiful language and great story                     
(d)  Give and Take - Grant     *most intellectually stimulating                    
(d) The Circle - Eggers     *most frightening - because it is happening                     
(d)  Double Down - Game Change 2012 - Halperin/Heileman     *book doesn't compare to being there   
(d) Mr. Penumbra's 24 hour Bookstore - Sloan     *I'm recommending to everyone and best book you've never heard about      
(d) All In - Batterson     *most read author of the year - but read Circle Makers and you've got it all      
The Art Forger - Shapiro               
First completed in 2014:
The Goldfinch - Tartt     *great start to the year. will be hard to beat this one

Next up in 2014:

Americanah - Chimanmanda Ngozie Adichie
The Good Lord Bird - James McBride (2013 National Book Award winner) 


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