Friday, June 18, 2010

Inspirational Words After A Loss From Allen Alley

Earlier this month, Allen Alley, a Republican candidate for Governor of Oregon, lost in the primary. Allen and I sit on the Purdue Foundation Board together. He ran what appeared from afar a superb grassroots campaign as he covered the state meeting people face to face. After he lost he sent a note out and what struck me was the closing statement that is inspirational and applicable to all of us.

"My final message is to dream big. Think not about where we are but where we can be. Embrace our wonderful state and our assets. Don’t just think outside the box, shatter it. Lead. Remember that our lives will be spent turning dreams into memories and, in the end, we will audit our lives based on the memories we make. We’ve already made some great ones in 2010. Go make some more."

I suspect we will be hearing more from Allen in the future.