Monday, January 3, 2011

2010 Reading List and Commentary

In 2009 I read 38 books. In 2010, I read 22 books (less volume in 2010 partly because of one of the 22 being the Holy Bible from start to finish and also that I spent the first 5 months of the year trying to finish Wolf Hall before I finally just gave up).

Interesting fact for me was that in 2009, 42% of my books read were digital. In 2010, it was still only 45% that were digital. This may have been due to a number of the books in 2010 were loaned to me. The only books I bought in 2010 in hardback and why were:

The Road (on sale at Costco for cheaper than a digital copy)
The Glass Castle (same reason)
Racing Weight (not available digitally)
Blood Type A Diet (same)
What Technology Wants (I wanted Kevin Kelly, the author to sign it for me, which he did)

Here were my best reads of the year:

In It's Own Segment:

The Bible


1) Freedom
2) One Day
3) Tinkers
4) The Road
5) The Girl Who Played with Fire (favorite of the trilogy)


1) What Technology Wants
2) The Glass Castle
3) Game Change

Books I Wish I Hadn't Read:

1) Wolf Hall (never finished)
2) Mastering the Marathon (nothing in the book I didn't already know)

Weirdest Juxtaposition of Reading:

Completed Freedom and went to start Decision Points by George Bush. Just couldn't do it so I had to put two books in between and carry Decision Points to 2011 (already done and I liked it a lot - surprisingly).

Best Page-turner:

The Girl Who Played with Fire

Most Challenging Read (outside of Wolf Hall):

Let the Great World Spin and What Technology Wants

Book Most Recommended to Others to Read:

What Technology Wants

Most Read Authors of 2010:

Laarson and McCarthy

2010 Reading List:

Game Change - Heilemann & Halperin

Let The Great World Spin - McCann

The Road - McCarthy

The Glass Castle - Walls

The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo - Laarson

(d) One Day - Nicholls

The End of Major Combat Operations - McDonell

The Girl Who Played With Fire - Laarson

(d) Mudbound - Jordan

(d) Await Your Reply - Chaon

(d) The Whiskey Rebels - Liss

(d) Tinkers - Harding (2009 Pulitzer Winner)

(d) Little Bee - Cleave

(d) Pearl Buck In China - Spurling

Racing Weight - Fitzgerald

The Sunset Limited - McCarthy

What Technology Wants - Kelly

Blood Type Diet A - Christiano

The Holy Bible -

(d) Freedom - Franzen

(d) Mastering the Marathon - Nix

(d) Blood Meridian - McCarthy

(d) digital version