Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Rusty Rueff Reading List

2017 was a productive year of reading with the completion of 39 books.

Here are a few of the stats to accompany the list:

19 were read digitally (all on the Kindle)
10 were audiobooks (all through Audible)
10 paper bound

17 Fiction
22 Non-Fiction

March was the most productive month with 7 books completed
November and December the least productive with only 1 book completed in each month

Here is my commentary:

Best Book Overall:  A Gentleman in Moscow (Fiction)
Best Next Fiction:   My Absolute Darling
Best Non-Fiction:    Evicted
Best Next Non-Fiction: H is for Hawk

Most Overrated:  Lincoln in the Bardo

Most Underrated: The Dry

Best Audio Book: Endurance

Most Memorable Fiction: The Sport of Kings
Most Memorable Non-Fiction: The Road to Character

Book I didn't think I would like but did: The Conscientious Conservative

Book I thought I would like but didn't much care for:  Wonder

Most beautifully written:  Moonglow

Best Author Debut Book:  My Absolute Darling

Here's to a Happy 2018 of reading for all!


(d) The Sympathizer: A Novel - Nguyen      F
(d) Born to Run- Springsteen     NF  
(d) Reclaiming Hope: Lessons Learned...- Wear      NF    
(d) The Dry - Harper     F  
(a) Running for My Life- Lomong     NF      
(d) Whiplash-Ito/Howe     NF    
(a) Shoe Dog - Knight     NF      
(d) Moonglow - Chabon     NF      
(a) Truevine- Macy     NF       
Not I, But Christ- Henderson     NF       
Beloved- Morrison     F            
Mindset- Dweck     NF         
(d) The Vegetarian- Kang     F                
(d) The Sport of Kings- Morgan     F                 
(d) Difficult Women- Gay      F                
The Blood Pressure Solution- Merritt     NF
(d) Lincoln in the Bardo- Saunders      F    
On to the Next Dream- Madonna     NF 
(a) Evicted- Desmond     NF 
The Winning Horseplayer- Beyer     NF      
(d) A Gentleman in Moscow-Towles     F   
On Hundred Apocalypses and Other Apocalypses- Corin     F               
(d) Commonwealth- Patchett     F         
(a) The Road to Character- Brooks     NF        
(a) H is for Hawk- Macdonald     NF      
(d) Into the Water - Hawkins     F           
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a... - Manson     NF       
(d) The Conscientious Conservative- Flake     NF       
(d)  Sudden Sea- Scotti     NF      
Sorry to Disrupt the Peace- Cottrell     F           
(d) New People- Senna     F           
(d) My Absolute Darling- Tallent      F         
(d) Swing Time- Smith     F    
(a) What Happened- Clinton     NF        
(a) Troublemaker: Scientology...- Remini      NF     
(a) Endurance- Kelly     NF         
(d) Girls- Cline     F            
(a) Rocket Men: The Epic Story of First... -Nelson     NF      
(d) Wonder- Palacio     F