Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Other Shoe is a EEE Size for President Obama

A first shoe dropped tonight in America on President Obama with the sea change in the political environment as the House of Representatives majority moved to the GOP. Now the question is how to fill the other shoe so that is does not drop again in 2012. If I was the President I would be staring at the EEE shoe in front of me and ensure that I do nothing else over the next two years but focus on just that one shoe. The EEE size shoe is:

E = Economy
E = Education
E = Energy.

If the President could focus his staff, his party and those across the aisle on just ensuring that he can fill this large shoe over the next two years then I believe he has a chance to be reelected. If he and the administration waiver and confuse the topical and noisy for important, then we may watch in November of 2012 as to what happens with the other shoe. No one will argue about any of the EEE initiatives and certainly if the EEE's improve and then get better and better, then the President will be known as one who can fill a big shoe and that will allow Americans to give him four more years to show that yes, he can.