Wednesday, July 30, 2008

100 Business Days Out: Day 81 - Word from Home

Today I felt the call from home reaching out. I had two phone conversations with friends/associates back home and also friends of ours from home who have been vacationing on the east coast with their family in Mystic (about 20 minutes from here) stopped by for lunch. All of the conversations centered around things that were happening back home with work, other friends, activities, charities. etc. My friend Jeff Brown as we got off the phone, said, "sure wish you were coming back home sooner". I was touched and was recognizing the call from home being more deeply centered in me that I imagined. When you live in an area where you don't have family, you don't have children, and your work doesn't hold you there, you make the decision to live somewhere because of the environment, yes, but also more importantly because of the people who you have in your lives. For me, this would be the friends I have cultivated from jobs, charitable organizations, my church, my running, and a few others who we have met along the way. As it is in life, a few are really close friends and others are more acquaintances, but they, in totality, remain an anchoring element for us to live in the Bay Area. This past week I got a call from one of the closest friends we have letting us know that they were going to be leaving the Bay Area to follow a job in Boston. It's a great job and the right career move so it is hard to fault them for this, but this word from home was not a good one as it removed a piece of the tethering to the Bay Area for us. So today was a good day to hear and see others from home and to hear the words wanting us to come home soon. Home is where the heart is, that is true but home is also where those who are in your heart are. So, for me because the grea friends I have, the return to home is one that I can greatly anticipate and look forward.

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