Thursday, July 24, 2008

100 Business Days Out: Day 77 - 30 Days Away

Today we makred 30 days here on the east coast. Suffice to say that time flies. It has not been all fun times in the first 30 days with Louie in and out of the hospital (the outcome still not resolved...we are to see a specialist on Monday) but all in all, 30 days at the beach with the ocean outside of your window marking the time hour after hour with the waves continously crashing to shore, having friends and family visit and be here, exercising when and where I want, reading, writing,and spending time with Patti, is all pretty good. There is something different about an extended time away from home that is kind of like a foreign language. You can learn certain words and have a feel for the language but until you can think it and be fluent, you miss most of the meaning. The same can be said for an experience like being away from home for 30 days plus. It's more than a vacation or a "get-away". You actually get into a different flow and feel. You find a new groove and it starts to become a part of who you are. And if it is good, then that groove just builds on itself and you fall right into it. I always wanted to just spend 30 days away and even though it was not the total seclusion that I used to say I wanted, it has been pretty awesome so far and another 45 to go.

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