Wednesday, July 16, 2008

100 Business Days Out: Day 71 - Like Riding A Bicycle

This morning I got up early, did my usual routine of my daily Bible Study, my Devotional and Prayer time and then I got on my new Lemond Bike and went for a 20 mile ride. And how great that was! It has been a long, long time since I went for a 20 mile ride (like back in grad school and the summer of 1985 when John Wagner and I biked through Europe). But, I can't even explain how exhilirating it was to be out on the open road and moving under my own power at 15-20 miles per hour through the backroads of Rhode Island. It was just fantastic. And, what was the real bummer of it all was that I had forgotten for too long how much I enjoyed riding and had ignored it for some reason. But out there today, it was like 20 plus years had come back like it never passed. I could see and smell what it was like to be traveling through Europe from camp to camp. It was like I was almost there. And how great the rest of the day was after that ride. What was also great was that even though the technology has improved so much, the old adage is right, it's just like riding a comes right back to you. I was mentioning this to a friend on the phone, and he said, "just like when you come back to work". Hmmm...I wonder if that will be true. But, you know what? I have the feeling that it won't be as exhilerating as the bike ride this morning. :)

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