Monday, January 9, 2017

Repeal and Replace ObamaCare Process Reminds Me of The Old Prisoner - Cobbler Joke

A convict spends 35 years in prison. Upon his release he receives a bag with his personal items that were confiscated and stored when he entered prison.  As he leaves the prison he opens his wallet and finds a few dollars and a claim ticket for a pair of shoes.  Knowing there wasn't any chance the Cobbler would have his shoes, much less still be in business, with nothing else to do, he drives to the shoe store.  Amazed, he sees that that store is still there and open.  He parks his car and walks into the store.  The same bell from 35 years earlier rings as he opens the door and the same Cobbler, much older now comes from behind the curtained back of the store and says, "Can I help you?"

The ex-prisoner says, "I'm here to pick up a pair of shoes I dropped off to be resoled".

The Cobbler looks quizzically at the ticket and says, "Just one moment" and returns to the back.

The ex-prisoner stands there, waiting and looking around wondering if he has any recourse if the shoes have been lost or thrown away.  Just as has convinced himself that he should just leave rather than have to explain why its been 35 years, the cobbler comes out from behind the curtain.  The ex-prisoner speaks first.

"Do you have them?", he asks?

"Yes", says the Cobbler.  "They will be ready tomorrow."

And this is how I feel about the replacement of The Affordable Health Care Act.  The Republicans have voted how many times to repeal the Act and promised it would be there for signature on Day One of the President's new term.  That means there have been nearly eight years of time to have a replacement bill ready to go.  Instead, the answer is, "We will have something to consider within six months".

Sounds very familiar to the Cobbler and the shoes, "They will be ready tomorrow."

It's one thing to joke about what we can expect from the stereotypical Cobbler, it's another thing to expect more from those who represent us and govern us.

We should expect more!

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