Sunday, January 8, 2017

2016 Rusty Rueff Reading List

My 2016 Reading List:

Between the World and Me - Coates - NF                             
(d) Fate and Furies -Groff - F                               
(d) The North Water: A Novel - McGuire -F                             
A Separate Peace -Knowles -F                              
Oracle Night - Auster -F                                
(d) Mr. and Mrs Doctor -Iromuanya -F                                
(d) Everybody Rise: A Novel -Clifford -F                                
(d) Strong and Weak -Crouch -NF                             
Heels Over Head - Small - F                                 
(d) American Nations:  A History of Eleven Rival Nations - Woodard - NF             
(d) The Underground Railroad -Whitehead -F                                  
(d) The Fifth Season - Jemison -F                                  
(d) The Nix - Hill -F                                  
(d) Hillbilly Elegy - Vance - NF
(d) Racing the Rain: A Novel     Parker   F

Only 15 books in 2016 (started The Sympathizer in December and will be a 2017 finish)

73% Digital

73% Fiction

Best Non-Fiction: A tie between Between the World and Me and Hillbilly Elegy (just coincidence that I began and finished the year with these two cultural bookend books).

Best Fiction:   The North Water: A Novel.  Surprised me given I thought I would rate The Underground Railroad, Fates and Furies and The Nix above it. It didn't get the recognition it should have. But, Underground Railroad and The Nix, and Fates and Furies still great reads!

Knowledge referenced the most throughout the year: American Nations.  A great primer to HillBilly Elegy and the rest of the understanding of political and economic understanding.

Biggest head snapper:  Hillbilly Elegy when I realized that JD Vance not my age but 20 years younger and his life pattern is still the same as my generation's experience.


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