Friday, December 28, 2012

2012 Rusty Rueff Books Read and "Best Ofs"

I had a good year of reading and am pleased to share my 2012 Books completed list.

I've also included what I felt were my "The Best Ofs" for the year.

Another year to also compare reading Statistics/Mediums:

24 Books read
25% read digitally (d)
12.5% were audio books (a)  (I ran two Marathons in 2012 so lots of long training runs for these)

Confidence Men - Halpern - *Most eye-opening of 2012               
First Things First - Covey                       
(d) A Visit From the Goon Squad - Egan - *So much better than the title                        
(a) Stories I Only Tell My Friends - Lowe - *Most surprisingly better than I thought it would be
Hunger Games - Collins                      
Catching Fire - Collins                      
Zippermouth - Weeks                    
The Mockingjay - Collins                      
The Silver Cord - Masseroni/Kelly - *Best graphic novel      
(d) Wolf Hall - Mantel - *Most glad I finished it and now will read sequel
Unusually Excellent - Hamm - *Best business book and most applicable
Heaven is For Real  - Burpo                      
Luminarium - Shakar                  
(a) Wild  - Strayed - *Most unbelievable that it really happened                   
Eat and Run - Jurek                       
The Moment of Truth -Simpson/Bowles - *Most wished it hadn't turned out to be fiction   
(d) Gone Girl - Flynn -  *Best unexpected twist and page turner
Love and Shame and Love -Orner - *Best use of language                      
A Hope in the Unseen - Suskind - *Most inspirational                
(d) The Art of Fielding: The Novel -Harbaugh - *Best book of the year for me                 
Zero Hour -Baldacci                  
(d) Fall of the Giants - Follett                       
(a) Bonhoeffer - Pastor, Prophet, Spy - Metaxas                   
(d) Winter of the World - Follett 

First on tap for 2013:

(a) Rod Stewart's Autobiography
Telegraph Avenue - Chabon                       


cfd said...

Thanks Rusty-- always looking for good fiction recos. I read Wild and loved it and had a 'post holiday' chill day yesterday and read Gone Girl (didn't love ending). Other tops from 2012 were Snow Child and Behind the Beautiful Forevers. Happy new year!

Unknown said...

The Silver Cord making your "Best Of" book list? I consider that no small feat (considering your discriminating taste)! Thanks for the inclusion!